A warlord is born

by Cucumbers., 6 days ago

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Gm event + another repop!

by Cucumbers., 9 days ago

Congrats us on a FFA Vox!

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Loot was great: rez stick, white scale, tooth, etc

Also, congrats SKARRY'S AWFUL SHAMAN (he beat 200+ people on the random!) on his Guise of the Deceiver from the GM event!

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He's a jerk and stuff (and for some reason half our people dipped and didn't want to share a picture with them, I guess we can't blame them..)

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by Cucumbers., 14 days ago

We went fishing this repop:

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Fishes are assholes but some lucky druid will have an epic some day now

We went to beat up some genie thing next:

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Then we slapped this frosty white bitch:

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She gave us her scale, her rez stick, a tooth, and some other stuff that doesn't suck

It was a pretty OK morning

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